Uzi Collections

Uzi Collections means a Collection of thread which gives a fabric it’s a Mixed Swahili and English name . Uzi Collections inspiration is about Rwandan and African cultural features which bring an awesome combination with modern touch. Uzi collections is a clothing brand made in Rwanda by two Rwandese young female. They started the brand with only passion and love for fashion and art with small Savings. Their visions and goals are identical, same motivation of living and realizing their dreams as young entrepreneurs by rising up fashion industry and made in Rwanda products through different opportunities and accessibility to skills and market in our country and abroad. Their goals are to be able to produce quality and quantity products and satisfy not only local market but international one also. Their mission is to expanding their clothing brand and to bring more work opportunities to people out here and to inspire and transmit our art and fashion passion and love to young generations and to live their dreams and work harder to attain their dreams as Nathalie and Laurene are doing now. Mainly their product is made in a fabric called batik which is handmade and they mix it with different variety of fabrics to make each details on a cloth more amazing with a passion to create comfortable clothes that make everyday life better for their customers.

Ese Urwibuso

If there is one name that is synonymous to Rwandan food is Sina Gerald. His company Ese Urwibuso has developed some of the most popular products in Rwanda, such as Nyirangarama’s Akabanga, Agashya and Akarusho. MadeInRW has partnered with Sina Gerard to bring his globally acclaimed products to online consumers. We will ship to you Agashya and Akabanga in as little as two days anywhere in American and Europe.


GeeJay is a Rwandan kids’ fashion brand that represents style and quality. Since our founding in 2014 by Miss GWIRA Justine, GeeJay works on basis of creativity and responsibility. Our collections harmonize fashionable design, sophistication, and excitement, with quality, richness, and care, a combination that gives our customers complete confidence in their choices. We have been driven by our values and ethics, and our passion for fashion is evident in everything we do with Excellency, professionalism, collaboration and priority to our customers’ needs. Our goal is to be the kids’ fashion designer, partner and retail destination of choice from Rwanda to the world. We will achieve this by building a creative and inclusive community with innovation. We will enrich our customers’ lives through high quality fashion and services. We strive to achieve this by creating an outstanding retail environment, offering unique African brands for kids and a superior customer journey. Fashion forward kids-styles appeal to kids between ages of 0-12. Our potential customers are high in styles and buy priced lower. 


Kinazi Cassava Plant is a modern/ highly automated cassava milling factory boasting the highest technology cassava milling producing very high quality undisputed flour on the market all over the whole country.